Production and post-production of video and audio content, digital marketing, event management

Corporate video- concept development and production


It could be a captivating visual story with exciting music or voice narrated video, or a shiny event video or personal and sincere interviews with employees of your company- there are options.

Together we will get to the clearest concept of the video. You can take advantage of our experience in this area and our advices about the most successful moves in the creation of a corporate video and distributing it in different marketing channels. For example In the process of filming we believe that taking care of the people in front of the camera to feel calm and relaxed makes huge difference- so they appear  natural and fresh- you can see that in our portfolio.

Feature video, Brand awareness video, HR and Internal video, Music video, Event video


This is the production process in three simple steps:

  1. Shaping up a concept in dialogue with the client and script making. You can rely on our creative team’s ideas and on the fact that we will always stick with your vision and point of view.
  2. Filming – We set a filming period that is suitable for both sides. Shooting is the most determinant part of the process.
  3. Post production and editing – where the raw material turns into a complete audio visual product. In our post-production studio we put all the pieces together – videos, animation, music, sound effects, color grading, subtitles ect.


Voice over, Sound design

You don’t know where to find the right voice to narrate your commercial video? Or you are not satisfied with the quality of standard known radio spots you hear everyday? You should definitely get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. We have experience in voice narration recording to sound design and mixing, even original music composing.


Corporate team photography, Product photography, Commercial photography, Event photography, Social media photography, Lifestyle portraits.

Digital Marketing

Thanks to our digital marketing experts your video/audio message will be targeted in a specific audience- the right one. Advantages of digital marketing are not a secret- testing campaign, analytics, statistics.

Event Management

Organisation of all kind of events.


Never trust someone who gives you fixed price without being completely aware of your video idea in details. Beware suspiciously low rates because they probably stand for a compromise in quality or workers exploitation and underpayment. We understand that you want to know “how much does it cost to produce such video” on the phone BUT without having information about the basic components that generate the price and making the calculations- it is impossible. Video price is not fixed. It is unique for every product and is a sum of different elements like: number of days shooting, shooting crew, shooting equipment, location, transport. After our meeting you can receive the specific offer and budget that matches your unique project.

Investing in a quality commercial video always makes a good return in years and has a positive impact on business.

Only a quality video can guarantee a good digital footprint that stands out in the masses of online users.

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